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Top Five Entry-Level Digital Marketing Jobs Today

A digital marketing job is one of the simplest ways for newcomers to enter the tech industry. That’s mainly because, once you’re in the job, there will so many core skills that you can learn. So what are the most common digital marketing jobs for someone who’s just starting out?

Digital Marketer

If you know someone who’s called a “digital marketer,” they’re basically generalists in digital marketing. This position is usually found at a smaller startup or in a company where a marketing team is yet being developed. In any case, a digital marketer should be able to adapt to changing situations quickly and make smart decisions as to how to spend their time productively. Depending on the company, this role may include a variety of tasks, from writing email newsletters to seeking business partnerships and more.

Content Marketer

While content marketing jobs often go to writers and editors, that’s hardly the end of it. Also known as content strategists, these digital pros generally focus on inbound marketing. They don’t only work to capture the interest of new inbound users but, more importantly, to know their contact details, especially their email addresses. This is usually done with various types of content, such as blog posts, downloadable ebooks, multimedia content, and so on.

SEO Specialist

First off, what does SEO mean again? SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, is the process of designing your website in a way that makes you more visible online when people search on you or on terms related to your business or organization. Hence, an SEO specialist should know how to perform keyword research and create a solid SEO strategy out of what they discover. SEO specialists use a variety of tools, such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics, etc.

Social Media Manager

Social media managers or coordinators do way more than checking Facebook. They devise strategies for boosting social media engagement and following on multiple platforms. Social media managers will, therefore, be working closely with ad managers, content creators and other digital pros whose jobs center around attracting new users and building trust in a brand. Related to the job of a social media manager is a community manager, whose role is to moderate online communities, such as in a Facebook group or user forum.

Partnership Marketer

As you can tell from their name, partnership marketers seek strategic partnerships and will be seen doing such tasks as making product presentations, meeting with CEO’s, talking to podcasters regarding ad slots, and the like. There are two key types of partnership marketers – affiliate managers, who work with people who take commissions from a company’s sales; and influencer marketers, who work with social media influencers in promoting their product.

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