The Growth of AI and How It is Taking Over the Entertainment Industry

The media and entertainment industry is under immense transformation with the digital media taking center stage across all major platforms. Gaming, radio, music, animation, advertising, print, TV are part of the ranges that exists. Digital media is not only part of the additional distribution platform, it has transcended into a core revenue generation avenue. Digital strategies are become the core observation which is being adopted by a number of different organizations.

The business models and economic aspect that need to succeed in the digital landscape have become challenging. There is the major shift that is needed in terms of mindset and approach especially caused by the high level of competition in addition to the dynamism of the market place.

Areas Impacted Through AI and Automation

There are various fields which are affected with the increased usage of AI. Below are some core areas which have been impacted with the growth in AI and automation.

Deep Learning

This takes care of the unstructured data which makes for an ideal approach for image, speech, video and text analytics. There exists various media houses which depend on the advance analytics while using the various parameters for customer data. This is inclusive of demographics, market scenarios and current trends.

This in addition to the incorporation with the AI-based content for improvement of the dynamic ad insertions are part of the offerings. This makes for the enhancement of the contextualization for the customer experience mainly through intention, trigger, context and insight used to enrich the customer experience that makes use of AI.

Cognitive AI

The cognitive technologies helps in the facilitation for the turn of significant and unstructured part for the user information. This is to form structured, meaningful and correlated data which places them into multiple categorized databases. To get more monetization, there is the use of the different firms for provision of unique insights for getting higher levels of engagements which attracting and improving the targeted content.


AI is helpful in the development of AR/VE interactive content which is based on the storyline and the themes of the content, events and gaming. The view of event from a 360 degree angle, is captured and further enhanced with the use of various different AI techniques for offering viewers with a unique feel of the event.

The state of personalized shopping experience is enhanced further with the use of AI. VR sport events has been facilitated with fantasy leagues and other proactive engagement which leads to predictive merchandise option for organizers. Predictive analysis of AI is also helpful to organizers in form of pitch report, team report, weather report and crowd report.

There is also the application of AI in movies for conducting of visual analysis for tracking of emotions together with audio analysis of tone of voice and music.

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