Finding the Best BBCOR Bat

Finding the Best BBCOR Bat

Families with a child playing baseball at either the high school or collegiate levels have probably heard of BBCOR bats. But, what does that mean? BBCOR stands for Bat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution, and that’s a fancy way of measuring how much energy is lost when the ball contacts the bat.

Why the New Standard?

Previously, the standard was BESR, and it measured the ratio of the speed from the incoming pitch to the speed of the ball coming off the bat. BBCOR measures the trampoline effect of the ball. As a result of adopting the new standards, the ball will come off the bat at a lower speed than in the past. This has improved safety in leagues where this standard has been enacted.

Which Bat to Buy?

Baseball families with players at the high school or collegiate level will need a BBCOR standard bat to play. Some other leagues have been requiring BBCOR bats for their players, so be sure to read the league guidelines before purchasing a new bat. Read ahead to learn more about some of the hottest bbcor bats available today.

2018 DeMarini CF Insane BBCOR

If you can get past the sticker shock, this is one of the hottest BBCOR bats selling in online stores right now. The composite material used in the core is so strong that less of it needs to be used, which makes the bat lighter and easier to control. The handle gives the player the best of both worlds when it comes to hitting with power and without pain.

2018 Mizuno Ghost BBCOR

The Mizuno is a two-piece bat, meaning that the handle and barrel were made separately and fused together. This particular bat is very light with excellent balance, which means the player can control the bat. The hitting surface is larger since the larger diameter begins at the top of the handle. Players using this bat have an increased chance of making a hit.

2018 Louisville Slugger Prime 918 BBCOR

This bat is an improvement over the year’s version. The microfoam barrel gives more pop than the previous version. Vibration upon contact with the ball is virtually eliminated, and players are saying this bat has incredible pop.

Final Thoughts

Each bat on this list is a current top seller. Any of them will help a player improve their hitting. Try them out to find the right one.