Had a Broken Nose? Is Rhinoplasty an Option?

Had a Broken Nose? Is Rhinoplasty an Option?

A broken nose is not the end of the world, but for many, it is an accident that can cause some discomfort. If you have broken your nose, recently or in the past, and have not had it treated correctly, this article will probably interest you.

Breaking the nose

After a broken nose, the pains are felt in the worst way. There is likely to be some bleeding from the nostrils as well. The trauma that caused the fracture also causes swelling and bruising.

The shape of the nose may be altered too: it may look crooked or bent, and its function may be compromised. Just like the blepharoplasty procedure that restores the patient’s visual field in some cases, rhinoplasty may be necessary to repair the functionality of the nose.

Should people repair their broken nose?

It is not always necessary to repair a broken nose. It often fixes itself without special care. However, it is essential to seek medical attention:

  • If the bleeding does not stop
  • If the shape of the nose has changed significantly
  • If a clear liquid flows from the nose
  • If breathing through the nose has become difficult

In the majority of cases, the doctor will ask the patient to wait for some of the swelling to go down to determine if there are other problems. In a minority of cases, the patient must be operated on immediately. If you happen to break your nose, do not try to put your nose back on your own or with the help of someone else who does not have the necessary skills. This can make the situation worse.


If a person has waited, either on their own or on their doctor’s instructions, to see if his or her nose will heal and it does not, rhinoplasty may be an option. Rhinoplasty can correct visible deformities of the nose, but also internal malformations. Nose surgery can:

  • Restore the shape of the nose
  • Treat nasal obstructions that can lead to breathing difficulties and nasal congestion
  • Remove excess or dislodged cartilage from the inside of the nose that may be a problem

If any of these points are of concern after a nose fracture, the affected individual should seek the advice of a reputable cosmetic surgeon. This professional will assess the severity of the fracture and recommend if rhinoplasty is an option. For more details, follow Dr. Zacharia on Instagram.

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